Preemptively Answered Questions

Who Am I?

Things I Find Interesting: A Non-Exhaustive List

  • Japanese language, literature, and history
  • Sewing, knitting, dyeing, and spinning
  • Live-action role-playing, especially Nordic style
  • DIY web design
  • Science fiction
  • International travel of both myself and of cargo (that's logistics)
  • Cooking with unusual ingredients
  • Aggressively organizing things to within an inch of their life (such as project managing Christmas cookies)
  • Dramatic dancing to goth music...and maybe now Argentinian tango?

Years and years ago I fell in love with Japanese. Got a degree in it, passed JLPT N2 (still proud of that!), read a Japanese mystery novel. Also moved all around the United States and picked up a masters in logistics and an expertise in programming and databases. Now, somehow, I find myself at a Very Fancy University where I'm learning about Japanese history as a graduate student. What is even happening?

A few years ago I started a cooking blog that became an excuse to take beautiful photos of food. I am unsure if I plan to keep it online, but it is for now.

I'm scared about climate change all the time, but I think the bravest thing we can do is have hope, make noise, and work for change.

Current Reading List

I love to read, but I don't do it for fun as much as I should (or would like). However, if interested, feel free to take a look at my current to read list. I have recorded every book I've read since 2003 unless it was embarrassing (to be honest).

Or, a rather outdated list of books I love.

The Picture

The picture on this site is Spring Evening, Toshogu, Ueno, 1948 by the brilliant 20th century woodblock print artist Kawase Hasui. I never thought I liked woodblock prints, having mostly seen work by Hokusai, but then I discovered Hiroshige and Kawase Hasui. Kawase's prints are so evocative, with a unique atmosphere captured in each print. He also did work up through the 1950s so his later prints are of a more modern world which I find very interesting.

The image on this site has had parts of it blurred a little because I thought it looked cool when I was 18. I would rather use the print as-is, but I've just never gotten around to scanning it again.

Computer Stuff

The current incarnation of this webpage was created in Windows98 but is currently maintained in OS X 10.11 on a Macintosh. Things used: the GIMP, a basic text editor, and the fantastic fish book of CSS.

I suspect that my site is read by very few. But if you wish to reach me, please do so at